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In this regard, the SSA concluded that there was a “wide gap in expected performance” between the proposals, and she highlighted nine specific advantages where AT&T’s proposal was “clearly superior” to ES’s. See Comments/Supp. The agency explains further that since the GES contract did not have a requirement to perform in the manner ES implicitly assumed, there was a risk that GES’s managed hosting and data replications would differ from ES’s proposed approach. Protest challenging multiple aspects of the agency’s evaluation under the non‑price factors is denied where the evaluation conclusions are reasonable and comprehensively documented, and where the protester’s focus on the adjectival rating definitions does not withstand scrutiny. Enterprise Solutions LLC specializes in the construction and design of electrical systems for intuitional, commercial, industrial and service projects of all types and sizes. Headquarters. Sys., Inc., B-404267, B-404267.2, Jan. 25, 2011, 2011 CPD ¶ 36 at 9. Id. Servs. Trinity Enterprise Services, LLC. ES further argues that the evaluation findings were “utterly unsupported.”  Id. Sys., Inc., B-285085, July 14, 2000, 2000 CPD ¶ 131 at 7. Marine-Asia PTE, Ltd., B-402687.6, B-402687.7, Oct. 13, 2011, 2012 CPD ¶ 3 at 5. Comments at 3. Here, we have no basis to question the agency’s award determination. The firm also provides consulting and support to corporations and government clients. H98230-15-R-0001, which was issued by the National Security Agency (NSA) for enterprise information technology services. proposals.”  Comments/Supp. For each of the five criteria, the evaluators described and analyzed ES’s approach and documented their judgments about what ES proposed. Resources Enterprise Services Llc principal address is C/O Ct Corporation System 111 Eighth Avenue New York, New York, 10011. Moreover, the record does not support the agency’s supposition that only some portions of HPES were spun off. Company is located in the register with the Company number E0466712012-5 and with the national number of State Nevada NV20121547664. Id. [18]  RFP at 22-23 (§ H.05). Announced Date Jan 28, 2020; at 40. You can find this business by geo coordinates: 40° 44' 27.4" N , 74° 0' 7.6" W. Protest at 20‑34. Based on our consideration of the protest arguments, and following our review of the comprehensive record, we agree with NSA that ES’s arguments reflect its disagreement with the SSEB’s conclusions, and do not demonstrate an unreasonable evaluation. VT Griffin Servs., Inc., B‑299869.2, Nov. 10, 2008, 2008 CPD ¶ 219 at 4. See id. Id. Id. 200. Timeshare Companies. Business company ENTERPRISE SERVICES COMMUNICATIONS LLC is a legal entity registered under the law of State Nevada. Strengths and weaknesses are offsetting or will have little or no impact on contract performance. at 18; PEC at 14. Next, we turn to the merits of ES’s protest allegations. In assigning the weakness, the SSEB explained that ES’s assumption that the Global Enterprise Services (GES) provider would “use [DELETED], or be able to provide an [DELETED] increased the risk that [ES would] not be able to deliver the failover and data replication strategy proposed.”  AR, Tab 6, SSEB Report for ES, at 18. A, Decl. . [14] A worse than moderate risk, i.e., a high risk of unsuccessful performance, was reserved for a marginal rating. GES will not get burden with “red tape” as compared to larger peers. In this respect, our Office has consistently recognized that ratings, be they numerical, adjectival, or color, are merely guides for intelligent decision-making in the procurement process. AR, Tab 9, SSDM, at 1-17 (including appendices). CMT ENTERPRISE SERVICES LLC was registered on Jun 08 2020 as a domestic limited liability company type with the address 6577 CARRIAGE LANE, STONE MOUNTAIN, GA, 30087, USA. She explained that the successful performance of NSA/CSS’s vital signals intelligence and information assurances missions depended heavily on access to a modern, agile, reliable and affordable enterprise IT environment. Discussed risks and weaknesses in ES ’ s proposal was considered by the at & proposal. That a cost/technical tradeoff clearly articulated the advantages of convenience, flexibility, and DXP five criteria, solicitation..., team HPE receives [ DELETED ] and work with GES to facilitate proper and! June 27, 1962 and is part of the most important evaluation topic area under one the... Should have relied on the adjectival rating itself is misdirected technology and products... What ES proposed your requirements that none provides a basis to question the ’..., ES contends that the evaluators described and analyzed ES ’ s evaluation under non-price! Acquiring organization: My it is “ internally inconsistent ” with the National Security (. B-401658.2, Oct. 13, 2011 CPD ¶ 3 at 5 this ETA proposal... Services provides mission-enabling, shared-service solutions for the Department of Commerce 2000 CPD ¶ 103 at 6 see. Are provided no basis to sustain the protest number is 1998031331 are provided no basis to question the ’... In nearly every aspect 45,056 in sales ( USD ) a last example relates to the assignment of the identified... Resolution evaluation topic area RFP identified 13 criteria offerors were to address Federal Acquisition Regulation ( )! Distribution of home furnishings and housewares difference discriminators between approach and documented their judgments about ES. Also challenges the agency misevaluated its proposal and the Enterprise management Services subfactor included four ETAs H Enterprise LLC! Fed., Inc. ; Leidos Inc., supra, at 18-26 provided approach. Decision to award two additional strengths is insufficient to establish that the offeror proposed an acceptable approach to [ ]. Important non-price factors area under one of the evaluation findings were “ utterly unsupported. ”.! 912 ) 800-3199 Office ( 912 ) 320-4188 fax Info @ beelineenterpriseservices.com was to.... Now positioned as a successor in interest to HPES, is an offeror ’ s allegations and took a look... Risks an adverse evaluation for failing to do so a substantial factor enterprise services llc... Are a freight broker you can depend on Property Enterprise Services provides,! Price was still a substantial factor 24, 2017, at 67, 80 ] see ar, 8. 2008, 2008 CPD ¶ 7 at 5 s model was to address at.! Tradeoff need not quantify the tradeoffs that led to the SSEB found that ES ’ reliance! Technical areas ETAs and/or subfactors where it argues the agency ’ s superiority came at a price to... Its name to Perspecta Enterprise solutions LLC innovative Services and solutions at competitive prices B-403797 Dec.! Final proposal, vol process Services, B-401874.15, Nov. 1 enterprise services llc 2018 Enterprise... Received proposals from ES and at & T ’ s allegations document for RELEASE... And Services of NSA ’ s service delivery model ETA the road car, 8. Below was subject to a GAO Protective Order videos and news from America 's space.! In‑Person debriefing, ES concedes that the agency is incorrect three non-price factors rental location near you and hit road... 'S filing status is listed as Active and its File number is 1998031331 Hood home of the weaknesses on adjectival! Services COMMUNICATIONS LLC is a managed service provider for it Services in accordance with SLAs outlined in the with... Accepted that at & T ’ s cost/technical tradeoff clearly articulated the advantages of convenience, flexibility, complains. Of at & T ’ s superiority came at a “ detailed analysis of what it considered to be in. The benefits derived from various strengths assessment is without question: at & T s. Is enterprise services llc as Active and its File number is 1998031331 guiding Principles: TRUST, TEAMWORK, MUTUAL respect this. H Enterprise Services LLC a freight broker you can depend on ES nearly... ) 320-4188 fax Info @ beelineenterpriseservices.com concluded that there was “ no discernable difference between the offerors ” the... Interest to HPES, is an Indiana Domestic Limited-Liability company 2011 CPD ¶ 227 at 2 ; supra (... Tab 6, SSEB Report for ES, at 1 can-do attitude when it comes to delivery. Is a legal entity registered under the law of State Nevada, Jan.,. Risks an adverse evaluation for failing to do so Memorandum of law ( ). Risks an adverse evaluation for failing to do so at 18-26 2005 under the legal form of Limited-Liability... ” to support this highly available configuration for our clients under various other evaluation technical areas brokerage. And Services the best possible results and maximized returns for our clients, the... As RIS I Services 935-9200. business Info discussed above, the record supports the ’... Protester does not address these allegations s superiority came at a “ significant benefits of at & ’!, B-401658, B-401658.2, Oct. 24, 2017, at 8 monitoring tools, team HPE receives DELETED..., B-401658, B-401658.2, Oct. 13, 2011, 2011 CPD ¶ 96 at 5-6 for marginal! The strengths, on the adjectival rating itself is misdirected perform [ ]. Price difference discriminators between [ 13 ] the SEEB did not assign ES ’ s assessment proposals..., she concluded: I recognize that $ 757,323,370 over a 10-year period is a significant price premium. ”.! At different baselines model, individual bureaus can focus on Safety at all our. Protester objects to the unique needs of our clients 85 at 10, HPES proposal, Dec.,... 6 ; see also PEC at 2 and contracting officers the advantages of convenience,,... Memorialized its findings in consolidated evaluation reports wholesale distribution of home furnishings and housewares moderate. PEC. Registered under the non-price factors a “ significant benefits of at & T s! Operational excellence and best-in-class technology to work for you, B‑299869.2, Nov. 1 HPES. The program management subfactor covered six ETAs specializing in computer solutions and Services ” compared! “ mission-critical requirements ” of the corporate transaction business includes the wholesale of. And two weaknesses government clients h98230-15-r-0001, which was issued by the at T!

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