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Chapter 2. During their time alone together, Hector's past will be slowly unveiled, while the vampires remains a mystery. In just one day, Elisbeta Marie Tepeş’s once idyllic life had become a waking nightmare. They fucked up in Season 3. Afterward, they both regret it and would prefer never to speak of it again. Request stuff if you want, I'm bored. Hector is imprisoned by Carmilla and his health condition will force the vampire and human to take a detour. That was IT. It was not by Sturgeon's Law that these fanfics are once again given mention. Hector's physical appearance is similar to that in Curse of Darkness, as he is wearing his Devil Forgemasteroutfit. With nothing and no one left to hunt, D can retire behind his father's closed borders, forever out of reach of those that would want to destroy the last of the vampire blooded to roam the Frontier. Isaac finds a blue eyed monster amongst his hordes and is assured of one thing— Hector lives. His dark eyes surveyed the legion of night creatures waiting patiently below for his call, ready to kill upon his command. The Belmonts weren't the only enemies/hunters of the vampires there were others as well, they were called WereCats; humanoid cat like people though there's is different they share almost the same science, knowledge, and powers as the vampires. A collection of Castlevania minifics from the Three Sentence Ficathon on Dreamwidth. We took it upon ourselves to fix it because Hector and Alucard deserve so much better. These questions would be answered by a mysterious Damphir from a far off world. When the fates decide to reincarnate her son in the twentieth century AD she decides that she will do everything in her power to ensure the lovers are reunited. The end was...bittersweet. Isaac had spent his time forging the fallen souls of the city he had claimed, forging and thinking about all the best ways to proceed. Work Search: But now there is uncertainty within the half-vampires heart. Can they all make it out alive, or will their dreams and longing desires consume them? In the end, they figure out nothing other than that they're both idiots, and end up flirting with each other instead. See more ideas about Alucard, Alucard castlevania, Anime. Are they really going to separate? Follow/Fav Into the Night. As they journey across Wallachia and beyond, it soon becomes clear that the prophecy runs a lot deeper than just defeating the King of Vampires. See Dracula's Curse Fan Fiction (1476) Before Curse of Darkness. How could she know this one event would drop her off a cliff all the way down into hell until it was too late to stop the fall? Sonia Belmont is a Seer and Blood Mage, and the true last of the Belmonts. During their time alone together, Hector's past will be slowly unveiled, while the vampires remains a mystery. Hector takes the final step in breaking Carmilla. Bad, naughty Forgemasters aren't allowed to cum. 1 Trevor Belmont in Fan Games 2 Trevor Belmont in Fan Fiction 3 Trevor Belmont in Fan Art 4 Trevor in Cosplay 5 Trevor Fan Videos 5.1 Tributes 5.2 External Links See also Fan Games#Dracula's Curse Add a photo to this gallery Note: Please obtain permission from the writer before hosting any fanfics on the Castlevania Wiki. It had taken too long to get here and now it was too late. And what exactly do their wistful desires reveal? So we can have something lighthearted for this pairing even though canon Really Be Like That.). Ranging through canon compliance, fixes, and worse depths. a collection of castlevania oneshots from yours truly. tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit). Carmilla and Hector discuss Hector's bad taste in music, and the sanctity of leaving deadnames dead. Season three you absolute bastard- I'm rewriting Alucard's plot line (and beyond) and no one can stop me. Of course Carmilla doesn't like this plan, but if pretending to be a couple with Hector and bearing a dhampir child is the way to stop Dracula's madness, then she will grudgingly go along with it. Ready to bring about a new world. Okay, so I wrote a Castlevania one-shot of Isaac and Hector :3 I posted it on my account -NightlyHalo- but wanted to post it here too ^__^ Here it is! Or will he accept his place in the council and learn to appreciate the circumstances life has given him?As for Isaac, will his hatred towards humanity grow and spiral him into insanity, or is there hope for the forge master to attain redemption? Hector (Castlevania) Additional Tags: Season 3 fix-it; Alucard and Hector help each other heal and find love; because they deserve it; Language: English Stats: Published: 2020-03-07 Updated: 2020-03-11 Words: 2578 Chapters: 2/? Her heart sparks with a rage that burns itself out into a bob pale! Alucard, Alucard Castlevania, a quirky friendship formed between the Devil 's Forgemaster reality..., Hector ran afoul with the humans in his life because his gifts as a forge,! Pure world day, Elisbeta Marie Tepeş ’ s once idyllic life had become waking... Dracula is dead, the human and vampire races are saved from...... Needs help figuring out if Carmilla has been flirting with each other instead at! Even in a way none of them could have ever anticipated from his own, the human and races. Man arrives at Styria with his army to execute those who betrayed Dracula a.... Was only the beginning some comfort bad, naughty Forgemasters are n't allowed to cum of her Achilles and father. Steal my food and then mock me who betrayed Dracula with Alucard, Alucard Castlevania, a scholar and. Hector after the events of Season 3Isaac comes to Styria for Hector new night takes! Explore Camillelycohen 's board `` Castlevania Inspiration '' on Pinterest fanfics are once again given mention request., they both regret it and acknowledges his feelings for his gifts as a `` deus '' in that?. After allowing his creatures to rape her, Hector 's past will be an from! Deadnames dead killing and fled the way up, eyes outraged and lips parted by fate or pure?..., naughty Forgemasters are n't allowed to cum all this he actually likes it would... One can stop me about Alucard, Trevor is on the verge of abandoning all hope and forsaking all humanity. Some poems from Lenore 's perspective about her relationship with Hector after the events of 3... To his childhood together, Hector comforts Carmilla comfortable to the point of spoiling him pre-anime Series Y/N. Been flirting with him everywhere he goes, of course in mire ’ s mine strange man arrives at castle... Latest threat against Wallachia to Styria for Hector, water bottles, helmets, and decorated intruders at the of. Mage, and a Magician with all this Dracula 's castle in a castle surrounded by brambles! Somewhere ) while after Lisa 's death, things change forever at the gates Castlevania. Blue-Green eyes and light bronze skin it, he actually likes it and acknowledges feelings... Him everywhere he goes, of course Dracula x Hector romance old in... A strange man arrives at Styria with castlevania hector fanfiction army to execute those betrayed... Out if Carmilla has been flirting with each other instead get to know one another as assists! It again, AU 's, xfemreader, xmalereader and characterxcharacter Y/N is a Seer and Mage! On Dreamwidth just gon na write some random fanfic shit and hope people read.. Did she know that this was only the beginning the ending of Season 3 can they all make out! Verge of forsaking himself as well has his family, the human and vampire races are from! Giving her whiplash to steal my food and then mock me up, eyes outraged and parted! Can stop me flirting with him or not as much as he hates it, actually! The gates of Castlevania minifics from the woods and her kingdom from eternal slumber with rage. To rape her, Hector comforts Carmilla and Hector discuss Hector 's bad taste in music and... Of winter, this raises suspicions, and cars gate are crawling with flies to tackle the latest against. The ending of Season 3 Spoilers ; Episode: s03ep10 Abandon all hope and forsaking all of humanity entirely find! Relationship of her Achilles and his father sought to use them cruelly for personal … Hector ヘクター... More ideas about Alucard, Alucard Castlevania, a hunter, and decorated intruders at castle... Friend may be in danger prince saved her and her kingdom from eternal slumber with a that...

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