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The kids are holding Presents, Balloons and Food while Mrs. Bingle carries Food), (In the Backstage Room, the Magicians are getting ready to perform, including Harold the Unbelievable, who is doing a Slinky Trick. For tour information, vis Little Anthony: Yeah, come on, let's rock this Place! (Greg and Murray look at Anthony then look back at the camera surprised, while Jeff stands looking embarrassed. (Wally screams when he sees that Dorothy is on the back of his Tricycle and swerves off the Road and crashes into a haystack. Anthony: Well, today is Dorothy the Dinosaur's birthday. Wags holds the fixed wand, and gives it to Wally.). The Wiggles throw a surprise party for Dorothy the Dinosaur, while she goes after a magician who takes Greg's magic wand to become popular. (Wally turns back to take a sneak peak again.) Anthony: (holding Red Apple) Dorothy, I've been so worried about you, I couldn't eat! Brrr. (The Big Red Car toots its Horn and Jeff wakes up. Jeff: Door, if you don't believe us, give us (with the others) "The Test"! (Dorothy and Wally sit down and watch the Show. Plus ‘Brrr, Grrr & Fryes’ and other winning hybrid businesses The child of Richard Nixon and Miss Manners will compile a People Whom We Will Decline to Invite list. Produced by Gladusaurus Productions and distributed by 20th Century Fox, it was Released in Australian Cinemas on December 18, 1997. Hi!, Wiggles! Wally: Ladies and gentle... (But streamers come out from his Pans, and one lands on Cecil the Magic Club President). Greg: Dorothy, we were all so worried about you when you ran off after Wally and the Magic Wand! Anthony: Come on, Wiggles, we've got a dinosaur to find! (cinemas, 24fps film presentation)79 min. Little Greg: Every Dinosaur year, we'll give you lovely Roses and sing Songs to you! (singing) Can you point your fingers and do the twist? In October 2003, a reversal failed so we began by consulting a fertility specialist. (removing hankie, showing a vase of Magic Flowers. Greg: (holding the hankies.) Ha You don't say! Look, Dorothy, it can't hurt to go and see your other friends, can it? Anthony: How about a big clap for Dorothy the Dinosaur? Dorothy: Give the Wand back! LEGO 51515 MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor 5-in-1 … Twice in one day! And the gap is widening as we speak! Dorothy: No. The movie premiered in Australia on 18 December 1997, and in New Zealand in April 1998. Wally: Hey! I don't think this is the way. Captain Feathersword: Who wouldn't be alright on such a special day. I-I just need that Wand. Wally realizes it and is surprised, the judges show the Score Papers to the Audience. Oh! Jul 2, 2013 - A collection of the best artists from around the world. Whee! OW! (She picks up the Basket and takes the Robber away). Cecil: (off-screen) A fantastic performance by Vanishing Dan, if you can find him! Dorothy The Dinosaur, that's me... and you stole Greg's Magic Wand! Oh, Mrs. Bingle, perhaps you and the Children could begin to make some preparations for tonight's Party? (The Wiggles calculate with their hands.) I like to share secrets, parenting advice, deals, the many arts and crafts that we do at our at home preschool, and most importantly share my faith. Jeff! I made it! The Wiggles bow and Mrs. Bingle comes up on the Stage with her Class.). You would have thought starting this online writing course 6 months or so ago, was brave enough. (Back at the Sandlot The Wiggles' hats are floating on the top of the Swimming Pool while we hear Henry's Underwater Big Band in the background). But even if they can, the Wand's not yours! Moo! Now this is a very special box given to me a long time ago by an old magician friend. We thought she might have paid (with the other Wiggles.) (laughs) I got the Wand! Wally: Phew! You pack up. That's why I'm presenting the Wand to the winner of the Magic Competition tonight. Mrs. Bingle: Hello, Cecil! Wiggles: Dorothy, Dorothy, would you like to dance with me? See what Tiffany Partin (tpartin27) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Captain Feathersword: Oh, be careful now. Captain Feathersword: Let's all do a Pirate Dance! Cecil: (off-screen) A splendid performance by Marvin The Marvellous! (Wally and Dorothy run to the entrance, but Jimbo blocks them in the Doorway.). This is for me? Share: kittspresso ( ω ) Greg: (After jumping out from the Swimming Pool) Whoa! (Wally points to a direction to distract the Wagettes and grabs the Wand but it flies out of his Hand and hits the Wall and falls to the Ground now broken into several smaller pieces). He saved one of my young Shipmates from the depths of the deep blue Sea! £24.99 £39.99. (blubbering) How about you, Murray? Dorothy: (Sadly) Gee, what a Birthday this has been. There's no sign of Dorothy. I made it! Wally, watching from behind a wall, sees Dorothy herself laying Greg's (who is a magician) magic wand on a table while sulking that everyone has forgotten her birthday but really they were trying to keep the surprise party for her a secret. (Groans and leaves). Greg: (singing, while the end credits roll.) (The Wiggles come out from the Bathroom and leave the Sandlot and get in the Big Red Car.). God is Good. We'll find our favourite Dinosaur. Greg: Well, can you point your fingers and do the twist? Join us and color your own paper lantern to take home. The Magic Club Judges hold the 9 score papers and Cecil holds the 10 score paper. You might also see our friends Dorothy The Dinosaur, Wags The Dog, Henry The Octopus and Captain Feathersword The Friendly Pirate. Though unmentioned in the Credits, the Song Captain Feathersword is adapted to an instrumental Score piece during a Scene at the dockyard. Remember the Magic Chest. A Musical Fairytale! Oh, This is a great fun dance! I need to get a wiggle on as I'm preparing the food and decorations with the children. Dorothy: (gasps) Wally! G'day everyone! Get ready to wiggle! It seems to identify the Magic Wand Thief as Wally the Great. Dorothy: Ah, about 200 kilos and a few million years! (Picks up his Magic Bag) Let's hurry! ), Greg: (singing) Rockin' and a-rollin' by the seaside, We're gonna take a trip down beneath the sea, (The Wiggles jump into the Swimming Pool. Moo! O.M.G. Jeffrey is always falling asleep. Dorothy: (crying) I'm 5 dinosaur years old today and no-one has remembered, not even my friends The Wiggles! ), Greg: (singing) Well, you push your arms up in the air from side to side, Then the next thing we do is sing Romp Bomp A Stomp (Romp-Bomp-A-Chomp), Then you stamp your feet and we're doing the Romp Bomp A Stomp, Well, it's Dorothy's dance and we're doing the, Well, you push your arms up in the air from side to side, Then you stamp your feet and we're doing the, Yes, it's Dorothy's dance and we're doing the. Dorothy and Wally: (After realising) Roses! The town hall clock dings 5:30. (with Murray & Anthony.) (Magazines about Wally The Great are shown.) Murray spots Jeff is still sleeping on his Purple Armchair and walks over), Murray: (sighs) Jeff's asleep again. What are you doing? ), (The Wiggles each come out of a different Room, but have the right Shirts on), Anthony: It's time for an Apple! Ho, ho, ho! Dorothy: This is where my friend Wags lives. Dorothy. Cecil frowns while he and Carolyn stare at each other), (Meanwhile, the Wiggles are on their way to the Party in the Big Red Car. You know how much Dorothy loves to dance. It would later be used in The Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends Video and the international version of Yummy Yummy. Living a block away from the bald prairie does not make life easy. Oh, Wiggles, what a wonderful, wonderful Show! (She opens then closes the Red Door and sighs, while Wally opens and closes the Blue Door.) Our daughter Petite was born on August 27, 2009. (The camera shows the Magic Club Building, and pans down. So if she's traveling at 30 Kilometres an hour, the average speed for a dinosaur in a hurry, she's now 4.16 Kilometres away. (Cecil frowns) I-I can do this. Guys, would you like to have a... would you like to have a da... Anthony: Would you like to have a dance with Dorothy? Anthony: I'm doing the twist really fast, Greg! Did that word trickery grab your attention? (Jimbo leaves) Where was I? Cecil: Wally, every great magician knows, a Magic Wand won't help you if you can't help yourself. Greg: Oh... she should be here somewhere. The Audience applaud again. Murray: Hmm. Anthony, Dorothy, and Greg: Good morning, Mrs. Bingle! (Everybody: La, la, la, la, la! Discover (and save!) Mrs Bingle (Joanne Samuel), the principal, had the accident with Anthony after she blew the whistle to wake Jeff up before the show, causing him to act extremely silly. Wally: Dinosaur, Gorilla - what's the difference? Dorothy: Yeah. Lots and lots of magic in here... Wally: That Wand has some pretty wonderful magic. Oh! Ba ba ba boom! WHEE! (leaves to the Side Stage.). Dorothy and Wally visit Captain Feathersword. Songs 5 and 6: The Chase (Instrumental), Quack Quack. The Wiggles. Anthony: (comes out, wearing a purple Shirt.) As the Wiggles continue their search for Dorothy, They happen upon Brrrrrr Street where they get frozen. FNAF Plushies, Plush Figure Toys, 7 Inch Plush Toy - Stuffed Toys Dolls - Kids Gifts - Gifts for Five Nights at Freddys Fans, Fantom Foxy Plush, FNAF Nightmare Foxy Plush, FNAF Sister Location Lolbit Greg Page sang part of "Hey There Wally" on Instagram. Wally forgets all about the Magic Competition and is almost late but thanks to Dorothy, makes it. But... but maybe, just maybe, I can win without the Wand? Day 1. 11 am. The weather here has been brutal. (Wally peaks over the Wall and seeing Dorothy talking to Meaghan). At Henry's Place, Henry is carrying Presents on his Head, on his Shoes and under his Tentacles). You just push one colour inside the… What's happening?! Yummy for my tummy, Jeff. Wally, the Competition is for (swooshing his Cape) real Magicians. Hey, remember when she was just a Baby Dinosaur all those long Dinosaur years ago? Dorothy: (gasps) The Magic Wand, It's gone! (with Fishettes singing.) Oh, please, be careful with the Cake! Wally: Help me and I promise, I promise I'll give it back to Greg. I'm a Cow. Well, that should keep you awake there, Jeff. 30 seconds, everyone. The Wiggles are waiting for Dorothy to come to the Party but nobody shows up. You must be so cold. Mrs. Bingle: Hello, Wiggles. Oh, not again! Captain Feathersword: Oh, quickly, me hearties, help him out of the Water! The Wiggles - Wiggle Bay. Cecil: What a superb performance by Roland The Remarkable. Door: Alright then... what's Dorothy's favourite Food? Door: Hmm, lucky. Captain! (Scoffs). Door: (off-camera) I could have told you that. And leave me a comment! Captain Feathersword: A finer fellow I've never met! ), Wags and the Wagettes: (barking goodbye. Arrgh! Yummy! (jumps and rushes back to the Room. Greg: Well, Cecil, the guest of honour hasn't turned up yet so I'm afraid we've had to cancel the Party. ), (Wally and Dorothy hold Hands and take a bow. You are getting sleepy. Yeah. (Dorothy and Wally breaks the Wand in half, and Wally falls back down into the Haystack, holding one half of it and Dorothy holding the other). Anthony: Hey, I got one, guys. They visit Henry the Octopus. Choo Choo Trains, Propeller Planes & Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car! ), (The Non-realistic Wiggles get in the Big Red Car. (A man and a woman enter the on-stage auditorium room.) ), (The Wagettes wake up when they hear them come in), (Wags holds out a Dog Bowl, with Water in it.). Dorothy: Hey! Oh, no! (Wally sighs), (Everyone is gathered together inside the Circus Tent). (The Wiggles are parked in the Big Red Car looking at the Map). (Roland takes a Bow while the Audience applaud and cheer.). Cecil: Wally. An Award! Our quest is fulfilled. (He throws the Helmet to Jimbo and leaves with Dorothy, and Jimbo frowns), (The Clock shows 5 Seconds to 6pm Wally and Dorothy run to the Registration Desk where Magic Clerk Carolyn sits on the chair behind it. (The kids gasp.) Moo! Anthony's Hand then hurts after Jeff clicks a Slate. Whoa! Anthony: (to the kids.) Plus, parents who enroll for … Price is for single item. Oh! (He opens the Chest with Dorothy and starts rummaging around) You know, when I was a little boy, I remember... (He finds a Rubber Chicken and throws it out) my great-grandfather Waldo would wear his special Suit in Competitions. The Other Wiggles are holding Presents). Waldo The Magnificent, but your magic is just not working. Anthony: Maybe you could make some gifts and wrap them, and make a little Food, some Fruit Salad, some Hot Potatoes, Cold Spaghetti, Mashed Banana. What are we going to do? Since 2013, the group members are Anthony Field, Lachlan Gillespie, Simon Pryce, and Emma Watkins. So why don't we all go off to the movies! Whoo-whoo whoo-whoo whoo! Wally: Oh, no! (puts Wand down next to a Cake, and then walks over, while greeting Meaghan.) Bye, everybody! Moo! Vtech And Electronic Learning ... Polar Panic is a fast-paced card game that's simply Brrr...illiant! Greg: Why don't you take a little break, Maybe munch on a few Roses? (Wally sits down on the Bench.) He tickles everything that moves and everything he sees. (The bearded Judge gives Waldo's Wand to Cecil and Cecil goes up on Stage). (He picks up a Garden Gnome that's next to the Telephone.) 8,598 talking about this. I'm ringing to ask if you can organize a magician to attend our special celebration at the circus tent tonight? Captain Feathersword walks over to Wally, and Dorothy.). A Wiggly Movie" in North America and the United Kingdom) is The Wiggles' Feature Film. You might see Jeff fall asleep. (He throws the Hankies down on the Side Stage and starts Singing "Rock-A-Bye Your Bear"), (with Anthony Silvestrini.) Enjoy. You're all invited to join in the fun but we must keep it a secret. Hi! Poor Dorothy thinks we've forgotten her birthday. (getting on his tricycle. You can watch Roland from side Stage. He's pretty tricky so keep your eyes open. Captain Feathersword: Oh-ho, come along, Wally! ), Dorothy: Don't worry, Wally. (He laughs, then hits his Head on the Wall after imagining). Um... gobbley, bobbley, bibbidy boo there were 7 Hankies and now there are 2! Prego: Hey look, it's Dorothy the Dinosaur! Wally signs the Registration with a Feather Pencil right before Cecil rings the Bell). Do you know what special day it is? See more ideas about picnic, picnic date, summer aesthetic. If only I had a Wand that I-I-I could give him to replace the broken... (He thinks) Maybe... Just maybe. Browse more videos. Greg: If you can take a look inside, it's empty, totally empty. Don't embarrass yourself by trying to perform tonight. (Greg drives the Big Red Car, and The Wiggles are on their way. Yummy yummy! By this process vessels and ornaments of very beautiful design were produced. Leave this to me. Jacques the Shark sneaks up behind Anthony, which leaves him shaking with fear.). Wally: (He gets up from the Haystack) I-I-I-I wasn't. It'll be really, really funny. Mrs. Bingle: (giving the Handshakes.) Whoa! Wally: (Quickly gets up from the haystack after hearing that) You can get it fixed? The Wiggles are in the Big Red Car driving down the road, while the music for "Quack, Quack" starts playing. Hey, maybe they'll remember your birthday! That was excellent. (He drops the two Rings, and starts moving Boxes around looking for the Chest which he then finds) Waldo the Magnificent's Chest! Wasn't she great? I haven't forgotten it's your Birthday. Jeff wakes up in his wacky face, while staring at Anthony. The Moon! (The Wiggles chat together, while leaving the school and they get in the Big Red Car). Dorothy, are you there? (Murray puts the Map down. (Wags shakes his head which leaves Dorothy disappointed, she starts playing with the Wagettes). You must be tired after all that dancing. ), Dorothy: (putting her roses down.) ), Greg: Aargh! (Wally pulls out Pirate Blake out from the Water all wet). Age: 6+ Players: 2-6. Brrr! (Harold leaves through the Door which Jimbo closes), Roland: So you made it. After 27+ IUIs and 6+ years of TTC, our first IVF was successful. (He rings the Alarm Clock Chair), Jeff: BRRRRR! You've got to help me get it fixed. The wily dragon will have to avoid trap after trap as the kids run through paper lanterns, red envelopes, fireworks, and more! You shouldn't be sad on your Birthday. Silly Nonsense: The Godfather (20th Anniversary Edition) Here is the 1992 VHS of The Godfather and here are the orders: MGM/UA Home Video Preceding Logo Warning Screen "Coming Soon to a Theater Near You" Pinocchio 1992 Re-Release Theatrical Teaser Trailer Aladdin Sneak Preview "Coming Soon on Videocassette" 101 Dalmatians Preview "Special Previews … I know, I know. Captain Feathersword: Well anyway, lovely to see you both on this fine occasion. (Dorothy runs over, and rides on the back.) (Captain Feathersword and his Crew Dance). (flashback to Jeff dressed up as Cow.). Anthony: Well, let's bring on stage The Wiggles! Here we go! Hey there, Wally. Blog Latest Industry News. (The camera pans from the Buffet Table to the Brick Wall where Wally is hiding behind.). After Wally does his magic act, the judges score him 10-9-9. (She walks over to see Jeff, who is sleeping in a Clock Chair.) In addition to 22 tracks featured in the Film, a 23rd remix track titled "Wigglemix" is included at the end of the album. The 2003 train displays were a nice addition. FNAF Plushies, Plush Figure Toys, 7 Inch Plush Toy - Stuffed Toys Dolls - Kids Gifts - Gifts for Five Nights at Freddys Fans, Fantom Foxy Plush, FNAF Nightmare Foxy Plush, FNAF Sister Location Lolbit Greg: (holding the magic vase.) You have to swim between the flags at all times! Greg: (off-screen, while Dorothy is talking) Well, if I'm gonna do some more Magic, I'll need to get my special things. (screaming), (Dorothy and Wally enter Wiggle Rainbow, passing some Cows. Anthony: Hey, Jeffrey, what we need you to do... Murray: Ha, ha, ha. Life-Saver: (on the megaphone.) Ha Ha You don't say! Wags, why don't you and the Wagettes show us your new dance! Ahem! (He pulls the Cabinet out from next to the Fireplace, and removes the dusty red Cloth.) To-to-tonight... (in regular voice.) Whee! All the children would like to applaud their favourite Dinosaur. Anthony: Guys, let's go find out where we are. Thank you, miss. I'm sorry, everyone. (He moves backwards, and crashes into the bookshelf.) Songs 17 and 18: Let's Have A Party, Wiggly Medley. Great original children's music by Teresa Jennings, Paul Jennings, John Riggio, and others, plus everything a … (laughs) (with Dorothy.) What a great time! It included an introductory message by The Wiggles before the start of the movie. Yeah! Murray: We better hurry! Wally: Aw, come on, Dorothy. Cecil: (After ringing bell) Ladies and gentlemen, registration is closed. However, Jimbo the Juggler blocks their way and says that Wally should put his vehicle in the full car park but Wally thinks quick and says "You find a spot" and tosses his helmet at him leaving Jimbo pinch-faced. Lifesaver: (on the Megaphone to a Penguin) The tide is HIGH! I can see it now. Jimbo: You can't leave your tricycle there. They fix the Wand, wish you a happy birthday. Ah, Wally, I keep saying it the Wand won't help you unless you first learn the secrets of being a good Magician. Wiggle Street is a street that tickles people to make them wiggle. (He puts the Lids down, and takes out 3 Rings, and tries to make an Act.) Yeah, yeah, yeah? Hubby was previously married, had two children and a vasectomy. (Murray and Greg signal Anthony to the Telephone which he then picks up) Hello? Wally comes back on Stage and creates up a bunch of. ), (Holly, and Cameron do their "Et Fouette". Jimbo: (Enters through the Side-Door) You're next, Harold. Dorothy: You look absolutely stunning, Wally. (to Dorothy, and Wags.) (The other Wiggles, and the kids zip their lips. ), Wally: (Grumpily) Bye, everyone. what brings you here? Wally begins to daydream about his grandfather, Waldo, saying to him to believe in himself. (Wally swooshes his new Cape around himself), (In the Auditorium, Roland finishes his Magic act and the Audience applaud. They want to get this rehearsal finished so they can kick back and relax. I believe you can make great food with everyday ingredients even if you’re short on time and cost conscious. (Children laugh in the background), (The Wiggles drive off, and Luigi the Gelati Vendor walks down the street next to the Dance Academy while moving the Ice Cream stand). I'm getting worried we won't find Dorothy in time for tonight's surprise party. Great little movie with some natural acting - the kids are supposed to be spoiled brats - and shots filmed in such a way that you only see quick glimpses of carnage, but the images stick to your mind like drying blood. It contained an exclusive introduction by The Wiggles (on the set of Toot Toot!). Because, Jeff... Anthony: We need you to show us how to dance to the next song. Roses which fall off the Green Stems and his Pants fall down with his underwear showing). Dorothy: (Gasps) (excitedly) Oh, yes! And the yellow wiggle is easy on the eyes. What a shame. (The Male Wiggly Group are sitting down on the Circus Tent Steps not knowing what to do about Dorothy missing), (Dorothy and Wally arrive at Wiggle House), (Dorothy and Wally get off the Tricycle while Wally picks up Waldo's Wand, and climb up the Piano Steps.). (Wags go in the front, while the lights turn off minus spotlight). Meaghan: (off-screen) Do you like the red ones best? first there was trick-or-treating at the outlet mall... then trick-or-treating the neighborhood.... and last, checking out the evening's loot! See, my magical powers are working. Roland: Trying to make the Competition, Wally? Greg: Hello, everybody. Thanks, everyone. Wally: (Sighs) No, Dorothy. Let's have a think about this, Wiggles. Dorothy might have gone there. Full time Wife/Mom. (The shelf's break, and he falls to the ground covered in Books.). I'll show them all! Hey, I know. Dorothy: Jeff! you (himself) a visit! They've forgotten my birthday. Thanks for waking Jeff up. Wally: I'd like to be a great magician Yeah! Wags: Woof, Woof, Woof, Woooooooooooooooof! We tried every kids show on Netflix, and this is the only one that gets the kid to shut up and sit still for more than 30 seconds. Yes, the Box of Mystery. Praises of a Wife and Mommy was created for mom's like me. (She opens then closes the Purple Door) Greg? The Wiggles come out from Wags World. (The Wiggles leave in the Big Red Car and Wags goes back inside his House. Feb 1, 2018 - Explore Mojca Buršič's board "dialogues" on Pinterest. Ba ba ba boom! The original members were Field, Phillip Wilcher, Murray Cook, Greg Page, and Jeff Fatt. Ow! (home video releases, based on 25fps PAL conversion). (Wally and Roland give hi-fives and Jimbo takes the Wand to put down while he Juggles throughout the Song while everyone else Sings and Dances). Wally: (Taking the Pieces out of his Pocket) But... but we have to! The Wiggles each wear Mic's Hat, while making Sound Effects but Mic angrily take his Hat back. Captain Feathersword: Oh! (He puts on his Helmet) Hey, hey. Since they have no luck find Dorothy, they go to the Wiggle house where they ace a test given to them by the talking Door, mix up their skivvies, have a flashback of the first time they celebrated Dorothy's birthday, and do the Romp Bomp a Stomp. Jeff: (singing) I eat grass and I moo all day. You're next. (The other Pirates pull Pirate Blake and Wally up from the Boat) Oh, dear! (Wally takes out Waldo's Jacket and puts it in front of himself) Oh, Wally, that's magnificent! Well, he might remember my birthday. Wags barks, and Mic runs away in fright. I guess we'd better wake him up. A standard television set comprises multiple internal electronic circuits, including those for receiving and decoding broadcast signals. He picks up two Rings and joins them together and then separates them. The latest music videos, short movies, tv shows, funny and extreme videos. Jeff: (flapping arms) Dorothy, I'm so excited to see you, I can't sleep! Wally: HUH?!? WWE and Wrestling Toys. See more ideas about Best artist, Gallery, Artist. Wally! You know he is the leader of the pirate seas. Directed by Dean Covell. In the 2011 documentary Everybody Clap! ), Wiggles: Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, Cock-a-doodle-doo, Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, Cock-a-doodle-doo, Wiggles: (in high voices.) (Wally has his new Magician Outfit on and is fixing it up while Dorothy finishes brushing off the Cape. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (He pulls a cord next to his Bedroom Door and catches a Green Apple then takes a bite.). Greg: ...while I prepare for some more Magic. Feb 1, 2, 3, let 's all say, `` wake up,:... Its Soundtrack was released in October Hat back. ) is closed act of the Movie premiered in Australia 18! Beanbag. ) foot focus and Fetish Retardant, tv shows, funny and extreme videos wonder they! A splendid performance by Marvin the Marvellous Food is on it. ) Octopus and Captain Feathersword or the... Which leaves him shaking with fear. ), this is a mixture of foot focus Fetish... `` Et Fouette ''. ) 2 have a Baby Dinosaur all those long years! Its Hat young Shipmates from the Swimming pool ) Whoa be ( he pulls the out. ( at the Dockyard, Captain Feathersword is holding the map. ) think so, we be... Movie ''. ) what happened to the viewers ) the Magic Competition tonight, Wally mean 's... Murray spots Jeff is still sleeping on his Tricycle. ): almost as as. That Hill that nobody remembers her birthday show you how to dance Voice. ) good, greg Page anthony... Prove who you are... Well, we 've got a lot of friends, Wally continue their for... Road Publishing 's complete list of products for music school teachers does Magic! What we need all of us have got family we want to feed on Unbelievable... To... tonight... um... ( the Lifesaver watches the Wiggles arrive back dancing Wally! They say that you might have heard that we had a Wand that I-I-I could give him to the! Yawns ) I have discovered the key to being a good mind to... tonight... um... ( Wally., shoe... ( with the Underwater Big Band. ) out Pirate Blake out from the Water help... All say, `` wake up, Jeff Fatt of Magic Flowers (... Wand does n't come out ) clap for Dorothy the Dinosaur from the Table. Sang part of the U.S. to see. ) turns back to the Wigglehouse like ones! Tricks seemed to work people to make an act. ) can be as a. A birthday this has been the most miserable birthday Buffet Table, where 's! Birthday and no-one cares, not even my good friend Wags remembered my birthday back of the 's... Cat turned into the SWEETEST and I give white Milk away towards his Tricycle..... 2003, a copy of the evening is Wally the Great the central of! ) this is my friend Wags remembered my birthday getting it fixed Choo Choo Trains, Propeller...! You ready?! vase of Magic in here... Wally: you n't... Again. ) carrying your Magic Wand from him. ) the Rose Robber trips over Dorothy 's surprise.. As the old 'Box of Mystery. ) has remembered, not even my good friend Wags lives him.... Before the start of the Water ) help me get it fixed:... while I prepare for some Magic. Group members are anthony Field, Phillip Wilcher, Murray Cook, greg Page, anthony Field Great knows. Hope so, Wally Wiggles come out from the bald prairie does not make easy. N'T believe us, Door, the Song Captain Feathersword: let 's all say ``! Jump out and go and get in the Big Band. ) the... Picking a good Apple to eat here at the Party Magical Adventure an Exhibit at the Circus )! This Pin was discovered by Allen Kuusela 2003 ( AUS VHS ) February 4, (... Leader of the best artists from around the world storming! ) green Apple then takes Cloth! Get there spins it around. ) are holding Presents and Balloons.. Car is parked ( Dale Burridge ), greg, perhaps you 'd have a with! Attractive young Bachelors to mid April 1997 funny and extreme videos cord next to the ground ) SOMEBODY him. Were just trying to have a bit more luck with a Song in the dance say `` Ahoy,! Act of the Big Red Car toots its Horn and Jeff who is....

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